Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Landing Covers

Seamless Anti-Slip Protection for Stair Landings

Along with anti-slip step covers, consider any landing areas in the stairway. Attention must be paid to the open area and especially the leading edge. SAFEGUARD Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Landing Covers combine a larger flat area with a vertical lip to provide seamless coverage on stair landings.

Key Features of Anti-Slip Landing Covers

Two-Tone Color Scheme

The majority of slips-and-falls occur at the leading edge of a step. Adding a contrasting color on the step edge makes it easier to see the steps.

Six Levels of Coarseness

Safeguard offers six sizes of grit to efficiently provide your slip prone areas with the necessary anti slip properties. From Extra Coarse to Barefoot grades of grit you can confirm

HiGlo-Traction® For visibility

Photoluminescent HiGlo-Traction Landing Covers are visible for hours after the light source goes away. Provide a safe environment in low light and emergency situations.

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