Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Roll-Traction®

Portable Anti-Slip Rolls are a Walkway Solution for Large Areas

Create a secure anti-slip area quickly by unrolling our heavy-duty, flexible, polymeric geomembrane on walkways, decks, flooring, and more. 

Temporary or Permanent Non Slip Rolls

High strength and puncture resistant, you can unroll our anti-slip Roll-Traction covers for temporary installation, then roll up for storage. Or, use fasteners and adhesives for a more permanent solution.

Key Features

Grit to Suit Your Application

Roll-Traction overcomes dangerous conditions on walkways, decks, and flooring. Choose from four grit options: Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine, or Super Fine.

Exceeds OSHA & ADA

Independent lab testing confirms that our superior composition is nearly double both the OSHA and ADA guidelines for Coefficient of Friction values, even in wet or oily conditions.

Safety Message & Logos

The ideal place for safety messaging is on the floor where eyes should be focused. Embed warnings, instructions, and more into Roll-Traction covering.

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