Oil & Gas

Slip Prone Environments Require Robust Anti-Slip Protection

Our Hi-Traction® Anti Slip Covers have become the leading choice for the Oil & Gas exploration and production industry.

The Oil & Gas industry must take specific steps to reduce slip and fall risk for employees. Dealing with heavy oil and lubricants on a daily basis cause lesser products to fail under the extreme conditions present in the Petroleum Industry. Where others have failed we have innovated, creating our Super Coarse (Xtreme™) and Extra Coarse(Offshore) anti-slip grit sizes that have become the industry standard for the Oil & Gas industry.

Oil & Gas Applications

Offshore Oil Rigs

Prevent Critical and Costly Injuries Offshore

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Step, Walkway, and Ladder Rung Covers are built to meet the unique safety demands of the offshore oil exploration and drilling industry. Made to specifications, our Covers arrive ready to install and provide years of premium protection.

Anti-slip products are used extensively in these areas:

  • Thruster room
  • Helideck stairs
  • Pipe deck & mud module stairs
  • Drill floor deck
  • Crane area

Onshore/Land Rigs

We Focus on Safety So You Can Focus on Drilling

Safeguard Covers provide excellent traction, even if the surface is oily, wet, greasy, dusty, or dirty. A hard, sharp grit is bonded to the base substrate to deliver an excellent Hi-Traction surface that greatly exceeds the Coefficient of Friction guidelines established by OSHA and the ADA.

A partial list of drilling companies where you can find SAFEGUARD Covers in use:

  • Enafor
  • Ensign Drilling
  • Horizon Drilling
  • Nabors Drilling
  • Saxon Energy

Refining & Processing

Superior Surface Traction Keeps Workers Safe

Working with oils, chemicals, and other ingredients materials can make surfaces extremely hazardous for workers in the petrochemical and oil processing industry. Prevent costly slips-and-falls with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers. Our Hi-Traction Anti-Slip covers are prefabricated for easy on-site installation. Give works immediate anti-slip protection for steps, ladder rungs, walkways and more.

Our products provide:

  • Maximum coefficient of friction
  • Excellent chemical, UV and corrosion resistance
  • Years of slip prevention
  • Safer work environments

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