Benefits of American Anti Slip Safety Products

American Anti Slip Safety Products is a distributor of SafeGuard Technology Products. As a previous General Manager of SafeGuard Technology, and with decades of years in the field, Greg Fenk has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you keep your employees safe and save money while doing so. Since 1992, Safeguard has been custom manufacturing anti-slip covers in the USA to meet our customers’ specifications. With experience in a variety of industries and installations all over the world, we have developed an extensive body of knowledge that benefits our customers.

  • Maximize Your Anti Slip Investment

    We can help you get more out of your anti-slip investment. For example, the right colors can add an extra degree of safety or simply enhance your décor. Our six grit sizes deliver just the right amount of traction for your application. Embedded safety messages and logos can fortify your safety program and reinforce your brand.

  • Beware of Imitators

    Inferior products are all over the market, and while it may seem like they are the same our decades of experience can confidently tell you that they will cost more in the long run. Since our products are made in America you will not be burdened by costly modification and manual pre drilling that is often required on foreign-made materials. Safeguard’s anti slip covers are made to size with predrilled holes and proper fasteners packaged neatly for easy installation. OEM customers won’t have to modify their parts to fit our product; we adapt our to fit theirs.

  • There is Only One Hi-Traction Solution

    American Anti Slip Safety Products is one of the only veteran owned distributors of American made anti slip products. Our focus is dedicated to providing excellent anti-slip solutions. We take pride in doing this one thing extremely well. We are not simply a warehouse with one-size-fits-all products, but an experienced innovator that has the customer’s best interests at the heart of everything we do.

  • American Anti Slip is Here To Help

    We pride ourselves on being a company with a customer first mentality. We are here to help you make the best decision for your application. Please contact us with any questions. We can help you make a better buying decision, have a pain-free experience, and get the perfect solution to fix your risky slip-and-fall areas.

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