Hi-Traction® Direct Gritting

Your Parts, Our Anti-Slip Surface

Hi-Traction direct gritting is the perfect choice when a cover is not feasible. Safeguard can apply the same long-lasting, anti-slip surface to your components for the best in safety protection.

  • Maintain Form and Function: Direct gritting keeps pass-through holes and other critical functionality
  • Great Option for OEMs: Deliver superior anti slip safety in your products
  • Controlled Environment: Assures the proper bond for durability

Option #1: Customer Supplied Material

You supply Safeguard with your parts and we apply our Hi-Traction gritted surface

Option #2: Safeguard Supplied Material

Provide Safeguard with technical diagrams; we have them fabricated to your specifications, and then we grit them. 

Either way, you end up with our great anti slip surface integrated with your existing parts. Our direct gritting process works for most industrial applications.

Key Features of Hi-Traction Direct Gritting

Long-Lasting Anti Slip

Tapes and coatings can become worn and slippery in a short period of time. Direct gritting uses the same long-lasting, high-quality surface as our Hi-Traction Anti Slip covers

Maintain Pass-Through

The functionality of your component remains completely unchanged while the surface gains superior anti slip properties that will last the lifetime of the product.

Two-Tone Color Options

Call attention to dangerous areas with a contrasting color on the edge. The colors on this web page serve only as a visual guide for initial selection of color. Actual finished product color may vary slightly from the version shown on your monitor based on grit size (coarseness) as well as the base material of construction. 

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