Hi-Traction® Anti Slip Walkway Covers

Convert any flat surface into a safe, non-slip working or walking area

Use long-lasting SAFEGUARD Hi-Traction® and HiGlo-Traction® Walkway Covers to provide non slip flooring in any areas where slips and falls can occur. Protect your workers, customers, and business from the consequences of slip & fall hazards.

  • Prefabricated retrofit covers are quickly and easily installed over existing surfaces, such as concrete, wood, metal plate, and grating using mechanical fasteners or adhesive.
  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flexibility options
  • Design solutions for every non slip flooring need and visual preference

Key Features

Coverage Area Options

Our Anti Slip walkway covers can be installed in either a full coverage option or a heel toe pattern. Both options create a non-skid walkway to help keep people safe and keep your walkway slip free.

Six Levels of Coarseness

Safeguard offers six sizes of grit to efficiently provide your slip prone areas with the necessary anti slip properties. From Extra Coarse to Barefoot grades of grit you can confirm

HiGlo-Traction® Colors

Safeguard® HiGlo-Traction® Covers glow in the
dark, producing light to aid egress in a power
outage. Photoluminescent pigment lasts for the
life of the Cover.

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