Transportation & Fleets

Keep Vehicles and Fleets Moving with Safe Entries, Steps, Walkways, and Ladders

Since 1992, every facet of the transportation industry has trusted Safeguard to enhance safety, reduce liability exposure, and lower operating costs.

Slippery threshold areas cause accidents for transportation passengers and operators. In fact, slips-and-falls are the second leading cause of injury in the industry. Municipalities pay out millions of dollars in claims every year for injuries occurring on public transit. Unsafe surfaces increase the potential for slips-and-falls and once the vehicle, craft, vessel, or train is in motion, an accident is practically a certainty.

Diamond plate is not an anti-slip solution! When water, oil, or dirt is introduced, diamond plate becomes dangerously slick. Temporary tapes, coatings, rubber flooring, and steel grating wear down and become slippery over time. Safeguard® Hi-Traction® and HiGlo Traction® Anti-Slip Covers incorporate an aggressive aggregate that ranks just below diamond on the Mohs hardness scale. That means a long-term, dependable solution with the highest coefficient of friction in the industry.

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