Hi-Traction® Anti Slip Valu Traction

A Cost-Effective Solution to Slips-and-Falls

When a low-cost, no-frills option is what you need, Valu-Traction® Non-Slip Step Covers are the answer. The embedded quartz aggregate produces a non-slip surface that protects against slips-and-falls. Standard sizes and colors allow for easy selection and quick delivery. One year limited warranty

Key Features

Large Coverage Areas

Safeguard can help to keep costs down when a large number of steps need to be covered. Wrapping just the leading edge with Valu-Traction Step Covers is a reasonable solution

High Value, Low Price

Need a large or low traffic stairway covered with an economical anti-slip surface? Get the practical benefits of anti-slip step covers on a modest budget with Valu-Traction Step Covers.

Quick Shipment Time

If you need effective anti-slip protection in a hurry, Valu-Traction Step Covers could be a workable solution.

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