Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Mat Traction

Modular and Large Size Gritted Anti-Slip Traction Mat

For industrial or commercial use, our Mat-Traction anti slip mats are a portable solution to help prevent slips-and-falls. They also offer anti-fatigue properties, fluid resistance, and “pass through” design for particle and debris clearing benefits. Tool-free installation and reconfiguration.

Choose from two types of industrial anti-slip mats, each with a different non skid grit option:


Safety + comfort on assembly lines

Interlocking Tiles

Anti-slip mat with durability for heavy usage areas

Key Features of Anti-Slip Traction Mat

Ergonomic Comfort

Our Ergo-Cushion diamond-plate mats are designed for ergonomic comfort in dry areas with slight overspray or oil tracking. Combine superior slip prevention with the comfort necessary for long periods on your feet.

Heavy-Duty Protection With Tiles

Our Interlocking Tiles are a quick-assembly flooring system and a seamless installation for any size area. Use durable hard tiles for heavy use and cart traffic areas or soft tiles for increased ergonomics.

Dunnage Mat

Safeguard Dunnage Mats are heavy-duty pads that can be placed on solid surfaces to create a safe resting space for cargo or equipment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Dunnage Mats can be configured to fit around non-movable elements

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